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Big Day for Olive Tree

Today marks a very big day for Olive Tree and a somewhat big day for me. Olive Tree has been working on a major rewrite to how they display text for some time now. They just released this update to all iOS platforms this afternoon. It’s significant because it does away with some older code and it will allow them to do new and exciting things like interlinears, audio Bibles, and various interactive resources. I helped to write bits and pieces of the front-end code for this update as well.

On top of that, they launched my hack week project: the new support site. It runs on WordPress and uses a Foundation-based theme that I heavily customized to integrate with the main Olive Tree website. The site is designed to look a lot like some of the newer pages that were made by our lead designer, Scott Criswell. I put the thing together in about a week’s time (a hack week, to be specific), then my coworkers (the support staff and content craftsmen, mainly) added all the content.

Go download the latest version of The Bible Study App for your iOS device and check out our new support site.

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