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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Try the OS X Yosemite Open Beta

A beta is a piece of software released to the public despite the fact that people really isn’t ready for public consumption. Betas usually have all the features of the release versions in included, but are also bundled with extra features called “bugs.” There are many reasons why you’d want to try OS X Yosemite before it’s ready, but here are a handful of reasons to convince you to wait until it’s released:

  • Your Apps aren’t designed for it yet. One of the main reasons Apple has released betas in the past is because changes to API’s and other things mean that developers need a chance to catch up before the product is released. That’s why when iOS 7 came out, for example, there were already an host of new apps in the store designed for it. You probably won’t see apps designed to take advantage of the new features and look of OS X Yosemite until the full version is out anyway, and some of your apps might even break. You’ll want to do some research, at least, before upgrading.
  • Your System Won’t Be As Stable. As I mentioned above, betas are buggy. If you use your system for anything that a crash would really hurt (like running a projector at church or other live production uses), you don’t want anything beta on your computer. This beta seems pretty stable, but you never know when a beta operating system could spontaneously reboot or worse. Of course if all you’re doing is browsing Facebook and checking email, crashing might not be the end of the world.
  • You won’t report bugs. Most people don’t report bugs in betas. It’s a sad fact. People often want all the features and goodies ASAP, they complain to their friends when it doesn’t work, and they never tell the developers what’s wrong. If that’s you, maybe reconsider downloading. You’re given the beta so that you can help make the product better, so at least give reporting bugs you see a valiant effort.

There’s a sort of user installs a beta on his Macbook that he uses DJ at parties for a living that then gets upset that his computer is crashing and his favorite app won’t work. He then tells all his friends how awful Apple is and never bothers to report any bugs to anyone who could remedy the situation. Don’t be that guy. This applies for all betas from any company and I’m hoping it will serve as a helpful reminder that beta products aren’t finished yet. Expect glitches. Anyway, if you’re okay with some crashing, you know that your important apps are going to work, and you’re gonna try to report bugs… by all means, have fun with the new OS X Yosemite beta. It’s shaping up to be a great release and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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