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Culture and Kingdom Episode 006

It’s been a while, but Chris and I finally got another episode out. Broadly speaking, the topic is the Charlie Hebdo incident. Some details include secularism’s tactics, the battle of worldviews between secularists and all religion, Christianity’s response to both, and Christian use of satire and related tactics.

I think our podcast is finally starting to come together. Having a flowing conversation with someone on the internet, and especially someone you don’t know very well, is very challenging. I think we’re getting better at it, but we’d love your feedback.

One last quick note: I’m not a pacifist. When I said that killing is wrong, I simply meant that murdering people is not an acceptable method for fighting a battle of worldviews. Civil government is given the sword in Romans 12 and it ought to use it, but use it justly—in accordance with God’s Law. Anyone else killing someone is almost always unlawful and therefore sin.

That aside, here’s Episode 006: A Conflict of Worldview

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