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Tools I Use: Backblaze

If I grabbed your computer and jammed it into the turbine of a running aircraft, I might die and I’d certainly get in a lot of trouble. But don’t weep for me just yet. What would happen to your data?

If you’re like most people I know, you probably don’t have a backup solution. That’s all well and good if you have absolutely no data that you care about preserving whatsoever. However, even if that is the case, you probably have friends who have data they wouldn’t want to lose who also don’t have a backup solution.

Well, my friend, I was once like you. I lived as some men dare to dream, backupless and fancy-free. Nothing bad actually happened to me. But if it did, that sure would do a good job of proving my point that you need a backup solution. Instead, I’ll steal a tactic from modernity and use repetition to prove my argument. You really, really need a backup solution. No, really, you do.

Most people don’t back their data up because it’s time consuming and complicated. Especially on Windows, you need to make sure you have your computer plugged into an external drive at least once a week at a fixed time. Either that or you need to buy an expensive product that is smarter about it. That was my reason for not backing things up. Like a Bible-college sophomore’s relationship status on Facebook, it’s complicated.

But it doesn’t actually have to be. I heard about Backblaze through a podcast and decided to give it a go. It’s fantastic. It runs in the background all the time (without using a lot of memory). There’s no limit on how much you can backup and it only costs $5 a month.

If you bought an external drive for backup, which isn’t a bad idea, you’d pay about what you’d pay for Backblaze in two years. That’s not bad considering that you should replace your backup drive every 3 years or so. Moreover, Backblaze has an app for your phone and tablet that lets you access any of your files from anywhere in the world—that’s really handy. You can also recover old revisions of your files through the web interface in case you delete something you shouldn’t have.

I could explain more, but I’d sound even more like an infomercial. Instead, you should just check out their site and sign up. Or even if you don’t sign up, please do find some other tool to backup all your precious files. You never know when someone might heave your computer into a high-powered aircraft propulsion system.

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