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Tools I Use: Linode

I host about a dozen websites. Some of these are hosted for friends and a few are hosted for myself. This site and the my podcast website get the most traffic by far and have grown in popularity to the point where they would likely make any shared hosting service rather sluggish.

When I first started making websites, shared hosting was about the only optio. At times of high traffic, even with a reliable host, my sites would often slow to a crawl. I had looked into hosting on a dedicated server, but the cost was far too high. But things have changed in the last ten years.

Through a service called Linode, I’m able to create a virtual machine with dedicated resources. I got to load whatever operating system I wanted on it and I can maintain it with full admin privileges. If you like cPanel, it’s not a great option. But if you’re a Linux/Unix guy whose not afraid of the command line, this is pretty awesome.

Linode costs almost twice as much as shared hosting solutions at $10 a month, but the speed they have and the control you get makes it quite worthwhile in my opinion. Probably my favorite thing is that if my server ever became overrun with traffic, I can click a few buttons and double my CPU cores and memory within seconds. I can then revert back to my normal setup and only pay extra for the hours during which I used the extra power.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that this is the company I switched to after I experienced over a week of downtime with my last host, Vexxhost—whom I can no longer recommend to anyone.

Anyway, I’m sure this is of interest to only a very limited number of readers, but it’s a fantastic service for those who need it. Give them a try.

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