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The Things Jesus Didn’t Say

An argument that I often hear for why Christians should support same-sex mirage is that Jesus never spoke explicitly against homosexual acts or “marriage.” The argument essentially says that if homosexuality was such a big deal to God, shouldn’t He have addressed it when He came down to earth? Aren’t we supposed to look to Jesus to understand holiness? If the issue is important, why don’t we have record of Jesus speaking specifically to it?

The strength of this argument is so overwhelming that it has caused me to reconsider a great many things that Jesus never said anything about. Admittedly, this is an argument from silence, but has anyone ever definitively proven that arguments from silence don’t work?

Anyway, here’s a list of things (in no particular order) that the church ought to be okay with because Jesus never spoke explicitly to them:

  • Taking God’s Name in vain
  • Bestiality
  • Making idols
  • Incest
  • Not attending church
  • Foul language
  • Cow-tipping
  • Pedophilia
  • Voting republican
  • Voting democrat
  • Women voting
  • Not serving in soup kitchens
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Owning guns
  • Women taking communion
  • Not tipping well
  • Obeying traffic laws
  • Starting forest fires
  • Not doing friendship evangelism
  • Not letting women take communion
  • Baptizing babies
  • Not baptizing babies
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Getting drunk
  • Baking cakes and taking photos for same-sex ceremonies
  • Not baking cakes and taking photos for same-sex ceremonies
  • Not supporting Israel
  • Racism
  • Not supporting human rights
  • Abortion
  • Selling the body parts of aborted babies
  • Euthanasia
  • Divisions within the church
  • Not believing in the rapture
  • Harming the environment
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Eisegesis
  • Arguments from silence
  • Other logical fallacies

Search all you want, I don’t think you’ll find Jesus explicitly addressing any of these things in the Gospels. We certainly are granted a lot of freedom in this newfangled New Covenant, aren’t we?

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