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Topic: Photography

A Philosophy of Photography

Cameras are tools that take pictures. They’re a fantastically complicated and often expensive tool. That often mean we can easily get lost focusing on what the camera does and ignoring what it is we do with the camera. People buy cameras to take pictures, but—to end a sentence dramatically and in a preposition—what are the pictures for?

This seems to happen more with complicated tools than with simple ones. People generally don’t buy an axe to chop wood without having a goal in mind for the aforementioned chopped wood. But people often buy nicer and nicer cameras in the hopes of taking nicer and nicer pictures while thinking very little about the purpose of pictures. Taking it one step further, people will even hire an expensive photographer to take pictures of their special event because that’s what you do, not because they have some objective those pictures will accomplish. With this post, I’m hoping to help change that. • • • Read More • • •


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