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Design and the Rest of Us: Saying No

Recently, Apple popularized the concept of how important it is to say “no” in the world of design, “a thousand no’s for every yes.” Good designers have always known this, but Apple brought it to the attention of everyone when they aired a commercial about their design process. It’s important to know, however, that this isn’t just some trite saying. It’s a very important part of the design process.

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Apple News: iWatches, iPhones, and iPads (Oh my!)

It has been announced that Apple will be holding an event on September 9th regarding its iPhone line. The timing on this seems about right since we’re approaching one year since the 5S was announced. A lot is expected from Apple this year because tech rumor sites have been carelessly publishing virtually everything anyone says about new iPhones and the rumored “iWatch.” Most of it is utter rubbish. The following is a collection of my thoughts after digesting about as much information as I could stomach on the rumors: • • • Read More • • •

Didactic Diaries: Jeans, Bacon, and Philistines (Oh my!)

I don’t often venture into the field of creative writing, so this post is something of an adventure. A lot of people try to write short stories and other creative pieces that take place within the Biblical narrative and use as characters persons from the same, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone try to teach Biblical theology through them. Whether this is a good idea or not, I’ll let the reader decide.

What follows is an absurd depiction of something that almost might have happened in the days of King David. The actual story elements are silly (so no one thinks I’m purporting them as real), but I have made a serious attempt to show how David might have understood Scripture and the world. • • • Read More • • •

Design and the Rest of Us: How It Works

I’m of the opinion that if you need to drive a nail, the best tool is a hammer. You could certainly find any durable, heavy object and get the job done, but you’ll have a much better time using a hammer. Similarly, if you want something designed well, you should hire a designer. A plumber, software developer, painter, or your nephew who owns pirated Photoshop might get the job done, but it will often feel like driving a nail with an old frying pan. • • • Read More • • •

On Wheat and Tares

Parables are often tricky things to interpret and there are certainly those who abuse them. It’s easy to lose the real meaning of a parable while spending so much time and effort defending the thing against those who want to make the ninety-nine lost sheep out to be the members of the UN in 1947. But the fact that a mistake is easy to make does not make it an okay one to make. We shouldn’t forget the meaning of a parable in our struggles to defend them against exegetical silliness, but this is our tendency with many of the parables. The one I’d like to talk about today is that of the wheat and the tares. I’ll include the full text below:. • • • Read More • • •

Busting Frame Rate Myths

This is a throwback post from something I wrote back in 2009. It became pretty popular, especially with gamers and film geeks. Therefore I’ve reposted it below:

Alright, so a lot of junk information is spread about frame rates: What V-Sync does, what resolution does, what the human eye can see at, what monitors can display at. I’m just gonna write something up right now, because all the controversy is bugging me. This post will be split up into a couple sections, and will likely be quite long. • • • Read More • • •

Understand Before Disagreeing

As someone who holds to some less-than-common views when compared to contemporary evangelicalism, I’ve noticed a trend in the argumentation of some who disagree with me. It results in many words spoken, but few being heard. If an argument drops in a conversation, and no one appears to be listening—it might as well have not made a sound. • • • Read More • • •

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Try the OS X Yosemite Open Beta

A beta is a piece of software released to the public despite the fact that people really isn’t ready for public consumption. Betas usually have all the features of the release versions in included, but are also bundled with extra features called “bugs.” There are many reasons why you’d want to try OS X Yosemite before it’s ready, but here are a handful of reasons to convince you to wait until it’s released: • • • Read More • • •

I Don’t Want Options

Given the fact that I’m an American, it might sound crazy that I’m willing to give up a seemingly all-important American value: freedom of choice. But I believe it is possible for choices to become too much to manage. More than that, I believe that this happens with great regularity in the field of software. • • • Read More • • •


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