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What is Typography?

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a typography nerd. It think that it comes from my love of words; it makes sense that I like to see words presented well. That, in short, is what typography is: the art and science of displaying words well. This can be broken up into two parts: legibility and aesthetics. • • • Read More • • •

Scrolling on Web Page Load

I saw two tweets recently that showed users on mobile devices are scrolling down even before the web pages are finished loading. This is especially interesting considering how many websites (even Apple and this site) are using animations to put content on the page as it loads. Users who scroll before the page loads will get a pretty poor experience since the animations will freeze during their scroll.

This is especially relevant considering the improvements Apple is bringing to scrolling in iOS 8.

Android Browser Testing

If you’re using Android and the site isn’t working quite right, there’s a good reason for that. Put simply, there are too many devices and (more specifically) browser versions to test on Android. I gave this site a try in a couple simulators and it seemed to work reasonably well. But if you’re having difficulties with this site, let me know. Make sure to include what kind of device you’re using, what android browser you’re using, and what version of Android you’re running.

In other news, the site works fantastically on IE 10+ and fairly reasonably on IE 9.

The Future of Mobile Web

Before the iPhone, the mobile web did kind of exist. It wasn’t anything like what it is now, though. Some websites would detect that you were using a mobile browser on something like a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Phone and they would unceremoniously force you to their poorly designed mobile homepage, usually disregarding entirely whatever page it was you wanted to visit in the first place. Other websites would ignore that you were using a mobile device and remain frustratingly hard to navigate with your stylus. • • • Read More • • •

Big Day for Olive Tree

Today marks a very big day for Olive Tree and a somewhat big day for me. Olive Tree has been working on a major rewrite to how they display text for some time now. They just released this update to all iOS platforms this afternoon. It’s significant because it does away with some older code and it will allow them to do new and exciting things like interlinears, audio Bibles, and various interactive resources. I helped to write bits and pieces of the front-end code for this update as well. • • • Read More • • •


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