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Mark II

A Philosophy of Photography

April 3, 2021 · A 17 minute read.

I’m somewhat frequently asked by less experienced photographers how they can grow in said craft. I have another whole post forthcoming that outlines a variety of exercises one can do toward that end, but before that post comes, we need to discuss what is actually meant by “better.”

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The Narnian Wardrobe of Juicers

January 16, 2021 · A 5 minute read.

This post is arguably the post that brought this blog into existence. Well, that and Medium becoming an increasingly terrible platform—that was another big factor. But leading up to the announcement of the M1 Macs, I had a lot of thoughts and theories about what kind of performance and battery power these chips would have. I started building a Strapi + Nuxt blog, which took surprisingly little time. I just had surprisingly littler time to spend actually working on it. The blog wasn’t going to be ready in time for the Mac event, so I just tweeted about itextensively.

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Why Mark II

December 25, 2020 · A 3 minute read.

In Aaron’s Rod Blossoming, George Gillespie wrote what is arguably the definitive case for presbyterian church government. It’s exhaustingly thorough and is likely one of the most important books in presbyterian history (although I’m in no way qualified to make this assessment). Anyway, my favorite part of it is when he says…

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