And the Rest Of It

Mark II


If the eclectic nature of this blog didn’t tip you off, I like to do a lot of things. Someone once asked me if I consider myself a renascence man. I told him I might consider myself a renascence millennial. This is like a regular renascence man, except we like avocado and don’t really know how to do our taxes.

Anyway, here are some of the things I do:

  • Relight App: My wife and I willed this thing into existence. It’s a free reformed theology and Bible study web app. One day, I’ll write a post about it and link to it here, but for now, you should just try it.
  • The Lightest Form of Flogging: This is a podcast in which a baptist and a presbyterian (yours truly) discuss just how we go to be the way we are. We talk about pretty much everything besides our theology. Stuff like how we think about the world, think about others, think about ourselves, and what does and does not constitute soup. Soup, by the way, is emphatically not a meal. Anyway, we’ve also take to doing fun skits and radio drama on the show. You must go there. It is a silly place.
  • The Tech Reformation: This is a tech podcast hosted by myself and some other Christian cohosts. We basically just talk about tech while trying to maintain a Christian worldview about it all. It is worth noting that I was only part of it for the last 50 episodes or so, and we don’t release episodes very often.
  • Instagram: Whoa, a millennial has Instagram! But seriously, this is where I post pretty much all the pretty things I make. I used to post every day back when I was learning 3d software and trying to get better at photography. I have less time for it all now, but if you want to see what I’m learning visually, that’s the best place for it.
  • Twitter: Honestly, I pretty much only live tweet Apple events on there these days, but it’s also a good place to contact me if you’re allergic to email like me, and don’t have an Instagram.